Sunset Plains

Healthy Australian grain exported direct from the farm


At Woodlands Hill we are proud of our ability to
consistently produce premium quality grains that
are grown in one of Australia’s most regarded
agricultural regions. 

It is our pleasure to make this natural part of the world available to our customers through the Sunset Plains™ range of products. Grown under the warm Australian sun, all of our products are bright in colour with a fresh smell and great taste. 

With the many different grains that we produce, we are dedicated to providing a variety of ways for people to enjoy the Sunset Plains™ range of products. 

These include:
• Woodlands Select™ Malting Barley
• Bread Wheat
• Noodle Wheat
• Pasta Durum
• Peas
• Beans
• Sunset Gold™ Canola
• Sunset Harvest™ Lentils 

100% Quality. Innovation. Service

Grown, stored and packed on site at Woodlands Hill, the Sunset Plains™ range of grain products are ready to be shipped at any time during the year. 

In our own small way we are working on one of the world’s greatest challenges – future food security for a growing population.

Woodlands Hill is a global brand committed to value chain innovation. We grow, market and export Australian grain and grain based products that are the essential ingredients for feeding the world’s growing population. There are several key aspects of our service that make it new and innovative for our export customers. 

At Woodlands Hill we let our export customers contribute new ideas or a better way of doing things.

We allow our export customers to have a high level of participation in the production and supply of the Sunset Plains™ range of Australian premium grain products.

This occurs using export supply-partner relationships that are friendly, transparent and accountable.

Tell us what you need – we can grow and export to order.

Healthy soils and healthy plants produce grains with high nutrition and great taste.

We achieve this by using sustainable, biological and conservative farming methods across the business, to grow and export the Sunset Plains™ range of products. 

We have implemented the BioAg® system to our farming cycle so that we are incorporating natural and organic nutrients to rejuvenate our soil fertility and health by increasing microbial mass and diversity.

BioAg® is certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia.

We nurture our products and grow them in living, balanced and healthy soils to increase plant health and productivity.

This is nature at its best – supplied direct from the farm.

The overseas customers of Australian grain products have asked our industry to be more consistent with quality and Woodlands Hill has listened.

Farm-direct export supply-partnerships give our customers greater control over quality, performance, safety and consistency about the products we send to them.