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Our Legacy: The Sunset Plains Story

Founded in 1928, Sunset Plains has been a beacon of quality and sustainability in the agricultural industry for nearly a century. Our journey began in the fertile lands of South Australia, where our founders' vision of producing wholesome, eco-friendly food took root. Over the decades, Sunset Plains has grown from a small, family-run operation into a leader in sustainable agriculture, yet our core values remain unchanged. We are committed to nurturing the earth, embracing innovative farming practices, and delivering products that are not only delicious but also ethically and sustainably produced. At Sunset Plains, we believe that our history is not just about the passage of time but about the legacy we build with each harvest. Our long-standing presence in the industry is a testament to our dedication to quality, our passion for environmental stewardship, and our unwavering commitment to our customers. Join us as we continue our journey, upholding the traditions of the past while innovating for a sustainable future. With Sunset Plains, you're not just choosing a product; you're becoming part of a story that spans generations.

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Sunset Plains Products: Nature's Best, Delivered to You

Honey Berry Bliss

"Honey Berry Bliss combines instant oats and skim milk powder with a carefully selected mix of cranberries, coconuts, almonds, and sultanas, enriched with honey powder for a touch of natural sweetness. This blissful blend is your go-to option for a quick, nutritious breakfast or snack, packed with antioxidants and flavors that satisfy and nourish."

Omega-3 Fruit Boost

"Omega-3 Fruit Boost is a delightful concoction of rolled oats, Milk powder, chia seeds, and juicy raisins. This nutrient-packed muesli offers a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of omega-3, combined with the natural sweetness and fiber of raisins. It's an ideal breakfast choice for those looking to energize their day with a tasty, fruit-infused boost."

Tropical Fruit Blast

"Tropical Fruit Blast brings you the exotic flavors of the tropics with a nutritious blend of instant oats, skim milk powder, and an assortment of fruits and nuts including cranberries, coconut shavings, almonds, sultanas, and paw paw, making up the rest. Each serving is a celebration of taste and health, offering a fiber-rich, energizing start to your day with a hint of tropical sweetness."

Classic Museli

"Dive into the timeless taste of our Classic Muesli, a rich and delightful blend perfect for starting your day. Featuring honey toasted oats for a sweet crunch, oat bran straw for a fiber boost, and a lush mix of fruits including sultanas, dried apricots, dried pineapple, and cranberries. This muesli offers a balanced combination of textures and flavors that awaken your senses and fuel your body. Each ingredient is chosen to enhance your breakfast experience, ensuring a delicious, nutritious meal that’s as satisfying as it is healthy."

Eco-Friendly Wholesale Direct from the Farm

From Our Fields to Your Future:
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Natural Goodness: Nature's Best for You

Wholesome Nourishment, Naturally Grown

Step into a world where purity meets taste – welcome to our Natural Goodness section. At Sunset Plains, we are dedicated to providing you with food that's not just good for you, but also kind to the planet. Our selection of pure Natural foods is cultivated using environmentally sustainable practices that respect nature's balance. Each product in our range is a testament to our commitment to Natural farming – a method that ensures no harmful chemicals or synthetic fertilizers touch the foods you eat. This careful approach guarantees that every bite is packed with the wholesome nutrients that nature intended. From farm to fork, we ensure that our Natural produce maintains its natural integrity and superior quality. Indulge in our range of Natural offerings and experience the true essence of healthful eating – where every meal is a celebration of flavor and well-being.

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